Modern Tie tack to hang tie straight

Published: 19th September 2011
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Most of the companies compel their employees to wear tie. Institutions, schools and colleges also force their students to wear tie. It is very essential that it must improve your standard and provide you decent look. Some ties fail to provide these because of the material by which it is made up of. While purchasing tie you must concentrate on the cloth used to make the tie. Tie accessories are used to increase gorgeousness to the tie. Each tie accessories have slight difference from one another.

Tie accessories are mainly used to attach the tie firmly with the shirt. Some of the tie accessories are tie bar, tie slide, tie clip, tie clasp, tie tack and tie chain. Tie bar and tie slide are made up of slight metal piece that is slide across the tie to attach tie with the shirt. It is of different shapes. Tie clips are made up of different types of metals. This tie clip is clipped horizontally across your tie to fix the tie with the shirt.

Tie chain consists of a short chain attached to a metal bar. The metal bar is attached to a shirt button and the tie is placed in between the bar and the chain. The chain is made up of silver or gold to give beautiful exterior. Tie tack consists of a decorative part, base and a chain. The base is attached to the shirt and a decorative part is kept in front of the tie. And these two are connected by means of a chain.

These above mentioned tie accessories may damage your favorite or costly tie and shirt. A new tie tape is introduced which is an adhesive foam tape. It is used to attach your tie to the shirt or to attach the small and large piece of the tie. It is invisible to others. In order to hang the small piece of the tie in the proper place, the adhesive foam is attached in the back of the large piece and front of the small piece and presses it to fix. To fix tie with shirt adhesive foam is placed between shirt and tie.

Choosing suitable color for a tie matching to the shirt is very important. Using this modern tie tack instead of tie accessories will protect your tie and shirt from unnecessary holes created by the pins in the tie accessories. Use modern tie tacks to keep your tie hang straight in the proper position without damaging your dress.

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